Aftermarket Replacement Battery Caps compatible with the Invisible Fence® Brand R21, R22, R51, & MicroLite™ receiver collars.

With Your 100% Satisfaction and Money back Guarantee, K9Battery saves you money with your compatible replacement batteries for Invisible Fence® Brand Receiver Collars. Why pay the hefty prices of their batteries when you can buy a brand you can rely on for a much less! K9Battery has designed a battery that will replace your current battery perfectly in the above stated collars. With much effort placed in the making of your batteries, it is guaranteed you will get a great life expectancy out of your collar. Our Batteries consist of lithium-ion and have a high energy density, also keeping the weight down from your dog's collar. With the components that make up this battery, it gives the power to last longer and have better safety factors then the normal battery. Bring confidence that your collar will last and go easy on your pocket by purchasing your battery.

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So save yourself some money and free yourself from that expensive Invisible Fence® Brand battery plan you are on from your local Invisible Fence® Brand dealer! We have batteries to fit your Invisible Fence® Brand collar as low as $8.95! (when purchasing the 12-pack) Shipping is FREE.  These batteries are guaranteed 100% compatible with your Invisible Fence® Brand R21, R22, R51, & MicroLite receiver. Our batteries batteries are an exact aftermarket replacement to the Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® battery. Satisfaction guaranteed!  All of our Invisible Fence® Brand compatible batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. Many dogs report getting a 6 month battery life out of each of our Invisible Fence® Brand compatible batteries. The shelf life on these batteries is at least six years.

 (retailer) do not represent that they are affiliated with the Invisible Fence® company in any manner. The replacement batteries listed on this site are not Power Cap® batteries, rather they are an aftermarket exact replacement for the Power Cap® battery. Invisible Fence®, Power Cap®, & MicroLite™ are registered trademarks of the Invisible Fence, Inc.